About Us
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About Us

GCOM Financial Consultants is a CPA firm focused on helping clients take their business to the next level since 2017. Serving a wide range of clients in industries across the board, GCOM has built a reputation for accuracy and reliability. Our clients depend on GCOM’s wide range of expertise to help cater to any type of challenges they may come across. Our team will become your go-to resource so you can focus on taking your business to the next level.

Meet our Founder

Talha Ahmed, CPA - Founder & Senior Partner

Talha comes from experience in accounting at KPMG, a global Big 4 accounting firm. Talha has vast experience with Fortune 500 clients as well as deeply ingrained knowledge of eCommerce, Global Trade, Car Dealerships, and Retail operations. Talha is enthusiastic about his client’s businesses and focuses on how our firm can help take our clients to the next level.


East Coast to West Coast, GCOM is a trusted partner for businesses across the country. Get in touch today!